New Delhi: Jet Airways is making headlines again but for all the wrong reasons. A flight with 104 people on board made an emergency landing on Sunday at Indore airport due to an engine failure. This happened when the airplane was at an altitude of 36,000 feet.

Hyderabad bound Flight 9W 955 made an emergency landing at Indore airport at 12.06 pm due to a technical glitch in the engine. All passengers were safe, tweeted ANI.

An official statement of the airlines read, “The Jet Airways’ flight, 9W 955 from Hyderabad to Indore made an emergency landing at Indore. The Boeing 737 aircraft with 96 guests and 7 crew landed safely and all were successfully deplaned. The airline has informed the authorities of the event and Jet Airways’ engineering teams are inspecting the aircraft”.

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This incident comes days after another Jet Airways flight made an emergency landing in Mumbai after a drop in cabin pressure resulted in at least 30 passengers bleeding from their nose and ears. The crew on flight 9W 697 reportedly forgot to select a switch that helps maintain cabin air pressure during take-off.

In an ominous turn of events, Dr Rajendra Patenkar, the COO of Nanavati Hospital had said that passengers who suffered nose and ear bleeding will have "mild conductive deafness for some period of time". He added that the passengers have been advised not to fly again for some time.