New Delhi: The pending Red Corner Notice (RCN) request against fugitive billionaire Mehul Choksi will be taken up by an internal committee of the Interpol in October, officials said here Friday. The RCN request was put on hold by the Interpol after a representation by Choksi during which he had alleged that the cases against him were a result of a political conspiracy. He had also raised concerns about jail conditions in India, his personal safety and health among others.
The CBI has given a very strong rebuttal to the claims of the fugitive billionaire who is alleged to be the mastermind of India's biggest financial scam running into over 2 Billion USD in Punjab National Bank, the officials said.

Now, the five-member Interpol committee's court, Commission for Control of Files, will next month give its ruling on the request for issuing RCN. The Interpol had already issued an RCN against Choksi's nephew and partner-in-crime Nirav Modi, who has been located in the United Kingdom.

An extradition request has also been sent against Modi. Choksi, on the other hand, seems to have crafted his post-escape plans well in advance. He took the citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda last year and is now subject to Antiguan laws. So, the issuance of an RCN will be of little help, since Antigua has shown reluctance in extraditing him back to India.