Award-winning Malayalam writer S Hareesh withdrew his novel Meesha after receiving threats from some right-wing groups on social media. 

Many of us don't know what was the controversial part of his novel. There is a conversation between two friends, which triggered protests staged by right-wing outfits. 

Here are excerpts:

“Do you know why these young women go to the temples wearing make-up and pretty clothes?” a friend who had been with me till six months ago, asked during our walk. “To pray,” I replied.

“No, you look closely, why would they wear the most beautiful attire, and makeup to pray? They are subconsciously stating their willingness to have sex.” I smiled. “Or else why would they abstain for four or five days a month? It is nothing but informing others about their non-availability.

Hareesh’s novel was being serialised in a weekly column of a Malayalam magazine for the past few weeks. So far, three chapters were published.

Many political leaders came forward and supported S Hareesh to publish the novel again. Other politicians said they will help Hareesh publish his novel into a book. 

The editor of the magazine confirmed on Saturday (21 July) that Hareesh had decided to pull back his novel. As the magazine hit the stands last week with the publication of a controversial part from the novel, Hareesh was allegedly facing threats on social media.