New Delhi: National Investigation Agency (NIA) is going to wind up the Hadiya case of Kerala due to lack of sufficient evidence.  The 25-year-old girl Hadiya, a medical student, was converted to Islam, which sparked a legal fight between the parents of the girl and her husband. And it also led to initiating religious tension in Kerala for a while.  Akhila, former name of Hadiya, was a Hindu girl and she apparently converted to Islam and married Shafin Jahan. Her parents alleged that the conversion was forcible and approached the Kerala High Court, which annulled the marriage and ordered Hadiya to stay with her parents. Later Shahin’s appeal to the apex court resulted in freeing Hadiya from her parents’ custody and as per Hadiya’s pleading to go with her husband Shahin, the honourable court even acknowledged their marriage.

The allegation upon Hadiya’s husband was forcible religious conversion, which resulted in the intervention of NIA to investigate upon the accusations. The allegations raised in the probe was not sufficiently supported by evidence and now that led to the winding up of this case.

There were even 11 other similar conversions that were also taken into consideration for the investigation, but the evidence for forcible conversion wasn’t found in any of them. And the Supreme Court’s acknowledgment of Hadiya’s marriage was also taken into consideration by NIA on reaching this culmination.