Mahrashtra: AK Mishra from Maharashtra state forestry department said that the two cubs of tigress Avni were spotted in the forest; they are surviving and look healthy.

Mishra also stated that the officials were hopeful of rescuing the cubs and rehabilitating them. Whether the cubs have acquired a taste for human flesh, or not, will be assessed by specialists, once they are rescued. He further stated that, the proximity between the mother and the cubs, during her attack on humans, would determine if the latter has developed similar behaviour.   

However, news broke this morning that two cubs were found dead on a railway line in Chandrapur. Sources claim that this may have occurred due to a passing train that may have hit the cubs when they were passing the line at night. 

After which, another carcass of a tiger cub was found on the same railway line, near Lohara, Chandrapur. 

While the orphaned cubs may be in safety for now, the constant downfall of the wildlife in Maharastra has been of worry for Wildlife veterinarians and environmentalists in the country.