Telangana: A heated argument went wrong after a couple committed suicide one after the other, in the Tangutur Mandal area of Hyderabad. The 21-year-old boy, Ailesh had a fight over the phone with his 19-year-old girlfriend, Lavanya, in a drunken state. This conversation did not go down well, as Ailesh was found dead the next day, hanging from a tree. 


What transpired after the phone call was angered Ailesh driving to a farm land, calling his brother, sister and friend Srikanth to tell them that he did not want to live anymore, after which he ended his life brutally. 


However, the tragedy did not end here as Lavanya, his girlfriend, could not come to terms with her lover's death. Lavanya and her mother, who lived next to Ailesh's house, went there after hearing the hue and cry of his family, only to realise her lover was dead. Lavanya then left her mother and rushed to her house, poured kerosene on her body and set herself ablaze, ending this love story in the most traumatic manner. 


A case has been registered in Shankarpally police station and the dead bodies have been shifted to a government hospital for further examination.