Sam Bertini is a New York-based model and writer. He is currently pursuing a B.A. in Economics at New York University where he is set to graduate with honors. 

We contacted his team with questions on which agencies he was leaning towards, but he declined to comment. Regardless, we are now more eager than ever to see where this heartthrob will end up. On a positive note, his team did however provide us with his official stats and answered some questions about his background and upbringing 

Where did Sam Bertini grow up?

Although Bertini was born in Manama, he grew up in Dubai, where he lived until moving to New York for University. 

What is Sam Bertini’s ethnic background?

Bertini is ethnically and culturally mixed. His mother is Lebanese, and his father is Spanish-Italian.

What does Sam Bertini write?

Bertini’s writing abilities are broad. He has written poetry which he has published to many views on Instagram, and has also successfully published short stories and philosophical opinion pieces. However, his main literary interest lies in writing novels. He has already impressively completed one speculative fiction novel called ‘Callipolis’ during his sophomore year at New York University, and is currently working on his second novel called ‘On Art.’ He refused to comment on the plot of either novels. Either way, we are looking forward to reading them!

What are Sam Bertini’s stats?

Height: 6’3

Education: New York University 

Birthdate: August 3rd, 1999

Place of birth: Manama, Bahrain