Bollywood actor Sahil Khan, one of the most prominent names in the fitness industry needs no introduction. Before making his mark as an influential fitness icon, he tried his luck in Bollywood and was also starred in several films like ‘Style’ (2001), ‘Xcuse Me’ (2003), ‘Double Cross’ (2005), ‘Aladin’ (2009) among others. With seeing no bright future in films, Khan chose fitness as his career and excelled in the field. However, Sahil has found himself in shocking controversy. A fitness athlete and Mr Uttar Pradesh, Digvijay Singh has lashed out at Sahil Khan for degrading the reputation of other fitness athletes.

In a Facebook live video, Digvijay Singh slammed Sahil Khan and made a shocking revelation which will leave many of his fans traumatized. Calling Sahil a misbehaved man, Singh cleared that nobody dared to expose him so he had to take the initiative by showing the dark side of the fitness icon. In the video he said that Sahil is misusing the children and teenagers in general, to hack the accounts of fitness athletes. Singh in the video further said, “By misusing the children, Sahil has ensured that the children have got the power of Sahil Khan. Who do you think you are? You are not a kid. I feel shame on you. At least think about the future of those children.”

Exposing the unknown truth about Khan, Digvijay then made many other revelations. “I have all the evidence and call recordings with me. Don’t destroy the future of those children who have not even started their career. Before getting the morphed images posted of female fitness models, think about their family for once. I feel sorry that I used to admire you in my life.” Besides this, Digvijay Singh has challenged Sahil Khan to not talk about power in front of him. He requested Sahil to stop this as it will lead him nowhere. “You’re an actor and a fitness model. Aren’t you getting any work that you are doing such an awful task of spoiling the future of children?”, asked Digvijay in the video. 

Well, we don’t know if this is true but the video will leave many fans of Sahil Khan devastated. Let’s wait what the fitness model has to say about the shocking allegations against him.