New Delhi:  Artificial technologies are on the rise, there is a rapid adaptation of the technologies by the corporates and companies in the country due to which human resources professionals believe that one-third of the jobs in various industries will be automated in next three years, according to a survey by job portal 

The job portal has conducted this survey mainly in metro cities among the HR professionals in sectors including IT, education and training, banking and financial services and insurance (BFSI), manufacturing, retail, auto and others. 45% of HR professionals said they plan to adapt AI tools within their organisations. 

Zairus Master, CEO, said “With a host of innovations and technological changes coming up and with cutting-edge technologies like AI and machine learning becoming more and more integral to business operations across sectors, the demand for professionals with evolved, tech-led skill-sets will only increase further in 2019,"  

He also said “Expertise in areas such as data compliance and cyber security will also be much sought-after, given how critical data privacy and information security have become in the global business discourse” 

The survey also shows that with the adaptation of technologies there would be certainly a change is the job profiles and will give rise to new profiles also.