Raipur: Anshika is resident of Yamuna Nagar, Delhi. She lost both her parents when she 5. Her grandmother and uncle raised her into a confident, independent woman. While Anshika was preparing for the UPSC examinations, her grandmother passed away due to health complications. She never lost hope and continued with her studies and cleared the exams in her fifth attempt.

Failing four times
Anshika completed her education in Delhi and graduated from Ramjas College, University of Delhi. She had studied really hard but could attain the required passing marks in her first two attempts. She was not disheartened and kept persevering. 
In the year 2020, in her third attempt, Anshika could not make it beyond the interview round. She failed with one less mark than the required score. It was a difficult phase for her but her family motivated her to try more attempts.

Couldn’t clear the prelims in the 4th attempt
Anshika was saddened and frustrated when she lost her chance at the fourth attempt too. This time she could not even make it to the interview round. Anshika started doubting herself and considered other career paths. 
It took a lot of strength from her side to give another shot at it. She put aside her fear of failures, corrected her mistakes and started working for her goal again. 

The day when the results were announced for her fifth attempt UPSC, Anshika was on top of the world. Her years and years of hard work and persistence finally bore fruit. She secured an all India rank of 306. 

Family’s support
Anshika could not have achieved her dreams, if it was not for her grandmother and uncle. They had been role models for her. Her uncle did not marry as he did not want her to feel left behind. Anshika’s family’s support helped her recover from her failures to accomplish her dreams. 
Anshika got the chance of meeting Vasu Jain, an IAS, during her training. She got married to him on June 25.