Ranchi: A degree from a prestigious institution does not attest to one’s exceptional knowledge about the world. Kamdev Pan received his education from local school villages and is now making the headlines for engineering his own e-bikes. He became a star among his fellow villagers when he first earned a job at a reputed company with an annual package of Rs 26 lakhs. 

Project of a drone car

To have enough funds to work on his dream project, Kamdev did an office job for one and a half years. After accumulating enough finances, he quit his job and launched his own company. A year ago, he completed the testing of a 10-kilogram drone car. Currently, he is working on a model of 200-kg drone car. According to him, this model will be available in the market by 2025. This drone car can be used for commercial purposes such as medical emergencies, transportation of army equipment and more. Kamdev is already popular in his village for creating an affordable model of e-bikes. It is a much-loved vehicle among the villagers. His brand is called ‘Go Go Bikes’.

Helping the villagers

Kamdev has been a bright and dedicated student since his childhood. He lives in Basurda village, and he used to travel 14 kilometres to reach his school in Jamshedpur. He always observed the villagers taking their bicycles to cover long distances. Post the completion of his graduation, he decided to be of help to his fellow villagers. He did his experiments and added motors and electric pedals to an ordinary bicycle with some added features. He shared his model of e-bike with the villagers and received much appreciation for it. 

Inspiration from a local mechanic

Kamdev shares that he fostered his interest in engineering from a local mechanic who used to work in his village. He was a TV repairer and Kamdev understood basic information about motors and engines from him. These science topics and discussions deeply fascinated him, and he started making his e-bikes. At first, he installed a 12-volt motor in the bike, but it did not have the capacity to pull 75 kilograms of weight of the bike. He rectified his mistakes and presented a better model in his next experiment. 

A successful model

Kamdev’s final model was quite successful, and the villagers thanked him for reducing their labour of riding bicycles for long distances. He manufactured 50-60 bikes himself and sold them to villagers. It took him a while to collect the funds to engineer his bikes. He worked a job along with his studies and kept working on his passion and introduced his final model in the year 2009. 

Selling 600 bikes

The sales increased in 2017 with the advent of social media. Earlier, he had been manufacturing the bikes for local villages, and now with some promotion online, he started receiving orders from far-away states. Chief Minister Hemant Soren learned about Kamdev’s achievements and praised him. 

In the year 2019, after the increasing demand for e-bikes, he launched an improved version of the bikes. The new look garnered much attention leading to the increase in sales. So far, Kamdev has sold 600 e-bikes across the country.