Bengaluru: Two days ago, the Bengaluru police arrested 6 SDPI workers. The police also revealed the shocking plan to eliminate BJP MP from South Tejasvi Surya and orator Chakravarthy Sulibele. 

The plan was to eliminate the two during the pro-CAA rally being held at Town Hall on December 22. 

Thankfully, the plan did not materialise but unfortunately, Varun, an RSS supporter was assaulted. 

Though the plan did not see the light of day, it has also exposed the hypocrisy of politicians like former CM HD Kumaraswamy. 

Politicians might have different ideologies, but humanity supersedes all differences and should act as an adhesive to take the nation forward. 

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But for politicians like HD Kumaraswamy, such instances (like planning to eliminate the BJP MP and the orator) only act as catalysts to further the divide. 

As a reaction he said that the two Hindu leaders were not “patriots” and “Yugapurush”. 

Our question is: If they were not patriots or Yugapurush, do they deserve to be killed? 

In fact, HD Kumaraswamy has a history of furthering his bad blood all the time. 

1.    The Pulwama attacks 

Almost a year ago, in the dastardly Pulwama attacks, as many as 44 Indian soldiers were martyred. As a retaliation, the Indian Air Force launched the Balakot airstrike. 
At that time, when the whole nation was celebrating as one, Kumaraswamy, the then CM blurted out thus, ““(The Centre is claiming) to have killed Pakistani terrorists by conducting air strikes. But, by distributing sweets on the streets and unfurling the victory flag here, an atmosphere of animosity is being created between two communities, the air strike is being used to create conflict and sacrifice many innocent people to fulfil your (BJP’s) selfish motives.”
Tell us, if a nation’s heroes attack another nation and bring it to its knees, is it an achievement for only one community or one caste? 

2.    “Knew Pulwama would happen”

The former CM had this to say about the Pulwama attack.

He said, "A retired army officer had alerted me in advance. I knew about the upcoming Pulwama attack two years in advance. The officer told me that before the next Lok Sabha election, friction will arise between India and Pakistan. He also informed me that Modi would concoct some kind of story to seek votes for himself. He also held discussions with me. This incident has happened as predicted. "

These are just only two of the myriad such meaningless statements he has made. 

We reiterate whatever the political differences, humanity must prevail.