New Delhi: The Gujarat BJP chief Jitu Vaghani has officially confirmed that Amit Shah, the Chanakya of the BJP, is all set to be a part of Modi 2.0. Vaghani tweeted, "Congratulations to Amit Shah for being part of the Narendra Modi government". If the buzz is to be believed, Shah will be the next finance minister, a Gujarati after decades.

However, Shah was confirmed to retain the party presidentship till Wednesday evening. Highly placed sources told MyNation, that a four hours and 15 minutes - long meeting between Shah and Modi at 7 Lok Kalyan Marg on Tuesday put a seal on that decision. 

So, what changed in the last twenty-four hours?

What changed in 24 hours?

Sources privy to Wednesday's late night development said that it could have happened after Modi met an ailing Arun Jaitley at the latter's residence. Jaitley shot off a letter to PM and later tweeted the copy where he talked about his inability to continue as a minister in the new Modi cabinet. The PM is believed to have requested Jaitley to reconsider his decision. When Jaitley refused to budge, Modi probably gave him an option to continue as FM with an oversight even as the MoS finance would implement his directives. When Jaitley looked adamant on not continuing, Modi is believed to have sprung a plan B that even surprised Shah.

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What was Plan B?

In a late night development, Modi tried to pursue Shah to join the cabinet. Even Shah was taken aback given that both of them decided that Shah should continue as the BJP president at least till Bengal election in 2021. They met again on Wednesday afternoon. Shah is believed to have expressed his reservation on the offer on Wednesday night. But finally, Shah probably gave in.

Couldn't Piyush Goyal fill in?

Those who have worked closely with Modi said that the ministries pertaining to the infrastructure have been of utmost importance to the first Modi government and will be equally, if not more for Modi 2.0. 

Meanwhile, two people have been very well known in the power corridors and they are Piyush Goyal and Nitin Gadkari. Modi will not be keen to sparing either of them on any ministry apart from infrastructure as it will be central to Modi's goal for job creation. Shah, who has been the closest aide of Modi, came as the natural choice in such a crisis scenario.

As Shah will take the oath as a minister in Modi sarkar, there will be many unanswered questions: Will he continue as BJP president as well? When he demits office, who can fill in his shoe?