Chennai: US space agency NASA posted pictures of Chandrayaan-2's Vikram Lander’s debris on the surface of the moon and this news created a huge buzz on social media on Tuesday (December 4). But, do you know it was a Chennai man who helped NASA find Vikram Lander.

A tweet to National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) by Shanmuga Subramanian , a mechanical engineer from Chennai, was the reason how the world's top astronomy agency found the pictures of Vikram Lander.

Subramanian  currently works in the IT sector, at a multinational company. He completed his graduation from the Government Engineering College in Tirunelvelli, Tamil Nadu.


“I was able to find something out of the ordinary in a particular spot, so, I thought this must be the debris. I got confirmation from NASA today,” Subramanian  told ANI.

He said that he had sent a tweet on finding the exact location of Vikram Lander to NASA as well as ISRO. He had also emailed the information on location to a couple of scientists in NASA.

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) had lost contact with Vikram Lander during its soft-landing near the moon's south pole.

“Is This Vikram Lander? (1 Km From The Landing Spot) Lander Might Have Been Buried In Lunar Sand?,” Subramanian  had tweeted on October 3, tagging NASA and ISRO. He posted another tweet on November 17 with additional details on the crash site.

NASA had taken an image on September 17 that was shared on September 26 and asked the public to compare it with other images from the area where Vikram Lander had crash landed.

Subramanian  made some research was successful in giving the positive identification.

Here is NASA's response to Subramanian 's tweet.