Bengaluru: West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankar and its chief minister Mamata Banerjee share a very strained relationship. 

The latest in the list of fights happens to be the alleged mishandling of the corpses by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC). 

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The Governor himself had put out a series of tweets condemning the incident and asking those responsible for it to “search their soul”. 

He had even asked an apology from Mamata Banerjee. 

"Such uncivilised and uncouth approach in disposal of dead bodies @MamataOfficial came for severe condemnation all over. Our age old traditions were mercilessly decimated by repeated dragging of dead bodies by iron hook. Urge immediate apology to society at large,” he had said. 

Now, the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) has hit back at the Governor. 

Veteran TMC leader Dinesh Trivedi tweeted using the hashtag "BJPMalignsBengal" thus: 

"Governor of Bengal Jagdeep Dhankhar caught red-handed spreading Fake news and misinformation! For a dignified post as yours, you should be ashamed of yourself!" 

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The leader further said, "The only thing that has been compromised is the integrity of the office of the Governor. You have stayed consistently silent on the achievements of the state while looking for every little opportunity to malign it's image.” 

TMC MP Mahua Moitra had the most indecent remarks for the Governor. 

She said, “Uncleji - 3 points: 1. BJP elevates leaders based on amount of blood they have on hands. TMC rewards hard work 2. Your legal career wasn't very luminous - at least try & keep dignity of RajBhavan during tenure 3. You can always context next Rajasthan polls. Keep fit for that."


A peeved Dhankar put out a tweet thus: "Knives that were being sharpened @MamataOfficial #TroikaMAP are now out to take on Governor. MPs and Senior Leaders have taken to tweeting similarly rather than apologise for shaming our State by such barbaric acts of dragging human bodies callously by pair of tongs. My resolve to serve people of State cannot be deterred by such street smart acts @MamataOfficial. With vigour I would work towards regaining lost glory of WB and work to restore its place at pinnacle of the Nation. In energised mode I would crusade for rule of law.”