Bengaluru: Controversial journalist Vinod Dua finds himself in trouble as an FIR has been filed against him in Delhi by Delhi BJP spokesperson Naveen Kumar. 

The FIR relates to spreading misinformation and fake news in relation to the Delhi riots earlier this year. 

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A video in this regard was uploaded on YouTube on March 11. 

In the FIR, it is alleged that Dua reported facts which were not present and tried instigating people by coming out in large numbers on the streets, as also wanton efforts to communalise the issue. 


The FIR runs in five pages and has been booked under IPC sections 290 (public nuisance), 505 (statements conducing to public mischief), and 505 (2) (sale of printed or engraved substance containing defamatory matter).

The complainant further said, “Dua, a known India media personality, committed the offence of public nuisance, mischief, printing and engraving matters known to be defamatory, intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of peace.” 

On his part, Vinod Dua said, “I cannot react to it at this point. However, I have seen the tweet by the BJP leader.” 

Vinod Dua also instigated people in George Floyd’s protest: 

Not just Delhi riots, Vinod Dua also, in one of his videos, spoke on George Floyd’s protests in the US. While he spoke, he incited and instigated people to follow in the footsteps of Americans who had stepped out on the streets. 

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He even compared the migrant issues in India to the protests in the US and wondered as to why people in India hadn’t resorted to protesting. 

He said, “We will want to see such people here too. We have 130 crore people after all. America does not even have that much population.”

In the US, a lot of vandalism has taken place in the name of protests against George Floyd.