Bengaluru: A team of ten men in Uttarakhand have made it their mission to help those in difficulties in the ongoing pandemic. 

They trek through the most treacherous hilly terrains to meet the not so fortunate ones, reports India Today. 

Sushil Dimri, a volunteer says, “Even when the first wave struck, we were ready to help the needy and necessitous. We penetrated the most remote parts to create awareness about the pandemic. We gave them sanitisers and masks so that they could use it”. 

In the last few days itself, the team has travelled hundreds of kilometres to reach far- flung areas. 

The members don’t just distribute masks and hand sanitisers but also medicine and immunity-boosting drinks. 

What sets them apart is their risk-taking attitude to ensure they ferry the ailing people in these areas to those parts where good medicinal facilities are available with the help of vehicles. 

“These people don’t have masks or sanitisers. Our volunteers speak to them and counsel them about the importance of wearing masks, washing hands. We also make them understand the importance of hygiene so that the youngsters in their houses are also inspired,” the volunteer adds. 

Another volunteer Madhav Prasad adds, “Family functions such as marriages were being held in spite of the covid protocols. Some would fall ill. Those people who should isolate themselves were not doing so, thereby spreading the virus all the more”.

These volunteers meet people door-to-door to give them the essentials and counsel them. 

In this way, they have been undertaking arduous journeys in the most interior and remotest parts of the state. They keep on travelling incessantly from one village to another. 

Such endeavour in creating awareness has led to a drastic reduction in the number of cases. 

And naturally, these youngsters exhibit a sense of contentment.