Muzaffarnagar: BJP legislator from Uttar Pradesh has stoked yet another controversy with objectionable remarks against Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and his family as he labelled India's first Prime Minister as an 'aiyaash' (philanderer).

On Tuesday, BJP legislator Vikram Singh Saini shared an old photograph of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with other world leaders on Facebook. In the grab, Norway Prime Minister Erna Solberg appears to be looking at Modi.

The BJP member, however, gave an unexpected spin to the photo. "Modi ji only sees the glory of Bharat Mata and nothing else. Hail the son of Mother India," the caption said.

He ended the post with a jibe at Nehru and a piece of advice for Solberg, "Don't look at him in a wrong way silly woman. He is Modi, not Nehru."

The Khatauli MLA was asked about his post at a Seva Saptah event marking a week-long celebration  of Modi's birthday. Reiterating his stand, Saini called out Nehru's entire family.

"One woman politician was gazing at him. PM Modi doesn't know anything except his country. Jawaharlal Nehru was an 'aiyaash' who partitioned the country with the help of the British. The whole family is lustful. Rajiv Gandhi married in Italy. This is how the whole family functions," Saini told reporters on Tuesday (September 17).

From asking Hindus to produce more children,to threatening those who say India is unsafe, controversial statements are not new for Saini.