Bengaluru: Farming can be a lucrative business. However, one who hopes to take up farming, must also understand the tricks of the trade beforehand. 

Rajpal Singh, hailing from Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, learnt just that. 

Though farming wasn’t something unknown to him since his childhood, as he grew up, he learnt that he should grow crops that fetch him good money. 

Initially, he began growing wheat and sugarcane, but he didn’t find success financially. 

He says, “Earlier we used to cultivate wheat and sugarcane. It would have eliminated the cost of food and drink, but there was nothing like income or business. Up late we used to get money. Those who bought sugarcane did not pay cash. After this, we also did beekeeping for a few years. However, this also does not accumulate much business,” as quoted by Dainik Bhasker. 

As he suffered financially, he decided to change crops. He began to grow guavas. And this was the paradigm shift in his life. Before changing the crop, he spoke to several people and understood what sells good in the market. In his garden now, he grows 700-800 guavas and sells them, earning huge profits. 

Rajpal yearns to spread his information to other farmers. That is the reason why he has trained hundreds of farmers. He believes that a farmer knows how to make produce, but doesn’t know the nitty-gritty of selling it and reaping benefits. 

So that means that many farmers must not store their produce but market them in markets. 

Today, Rajpal Singh earns lakhs together as profits by selling the right kind of crop.