Bengaluru: Since the Lok Sabha polls 2014 when the BJP was elected to power by a thumping margin, the saffron party has only grown stronger. 

It has won many assembly elections since then and has its government in many states.  

Even in 2019 Lok Sabha polls, the Narendra Modi-led NDA swept back to power with greater numbers compared to 2014. 

So how has the party managed to grow from strength to more strength in all these years? 

That brings us to the concept of mobilisation at the ground level. 

It’s common knowledge that a strong foundation facilitates a strong building. Similarly if the cadres or the rank and file of a party and the opinion moulders are made to be efficient, it is the party as a whole that triumphs. 

A BJP source close to MyNation said, “Our mobilisation at the ground level has been phenomenal. We give extreme care to see that the most basic level of organisational building doesn’t end up being compromised with. Our president Amit Shah once said that if we could win 2019 Lok Sabha elections in a robust manner, there was no way we could be defeated in the next 20 years. What he meant was that the mobilisation should never get weak or debilitated.” 

The source pointed out the mistake the Congress has done through Muslim appeasement. 

“Congress has always kept Muslims as captive vote-bank. They don’t have much concern for them. If you look at our initiatives in the last many years, you can clearly see that we want to take everyone along. There is no differentiation based on castes and religions.” 

The credit for the party’s phenomenal performances in the last few years should go its president Amit Shah. 

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Another source had once said, “Amit Shah always asks leaders to perform. He prods them to get to the streets if required in order to help the people. Quite a lot of senior leaders had been at the receiving end when a particular job he had assigned had not been accomplished.”