Bengaluru: Throwing his weight behind Zoho chief Sridhar Vembu who is the chief guest next month in an event organised by RSS, TVS Capital Funds chairman Gopal Srinivasan took to Twitter, making his stance clear. 

The support comes in the wake of Sridhar Vembu and Rama Ramachandran, the Accenture MD and Head of Operations Chennai being intimidated on the social media platform for being the chief guest and guest of honour at the RSS event to be held in Chennai next month. 


As the news spread, there was a backlash on social media, with several giving threats of boycotting Zoho. 


However the Zoho chief was in no mood to kowtow to the demands of his critics. 


Gladly, the Zoho chief also received a lot of support from the other side as well. 



Interestingly, one Twitter user who goes by the name of Savukkku Shankar decided to smear the entire issue with the colours of Brahminism. 


Unfortunately, what these critics refuse to honour is the freedom of the individual to carry out their desires and wishes, which in simple words, is the freedom of thought and expression and even movement as enshrined in the holy Indian Constitution. 

While there are many who work in the garb of champions of an individual’s liberty, they refuse to accept and honour the contrarian views.