New Delhi: The total amount of seizures the Election commission of India (ECI) has done this general election would be sufficient to purchase 8 Sukhoi Su-30MKI fighter jets. This would have fulfilled the Indian Air Force’s latest demand as the IAF is planning to place an order of 8 Su-30MKI combat aircraft from Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. While media reports say that the cost of this deal would be Rs 3000 crores, the total amount of seizures in this election is around 3450 crores.

According to ECI, total cash seizure is Rs 839.03 crore and a majority of the seizures are from Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. ECI has seized Rs 227.95 crores from Tamil Nadu and Rs 139.21 crores from Andhra Pradesh.

But the cost of drug seizures is much higher than cash seizures. Top states and Union Territories from where the highest number of drugs have been seized is not Punjab, but Goa followed by the national capital. According to the election commission, authorities have seized from Goa drugs and narcotics substances worth Rs 524.34 crore, from Delhi and Punjab total cost of drugs seized is Rs 374.67 crore and Rs 218.49 crore respectively.

Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh also topped in giving freebies as these two states have seen the maximum number of seizures. Law enforcement agencies caught freebies worth almost Rs 22 crore from Andhra Pradesh and from Madhya Pradesh freebies worth Rs 11 crore were recovered.

The election commission had set up dedicated call centres so that the public can give information about wrongdoings during this Lok Sabha election. Every day the election commission was compiling data of seizures done by responsible agencies across the country to decide focus areas. All agencies like local police, Income Tax, customs department and others had a dedicated wing to coordinate with ECI and were responsible for giving all information about all the complaints filed, transfers etc. related to elections.