Bengaluru: In an effort to ensure that those who can’t afford essentials, a unique initiative called ‘The Blessing Hut’ has been started in Assam's hill district Dima Hasao. 

The Hut works on a simple principle and that is 'Take what you need, leave what you can'. 

Those that can afford can leave things here, while those who need them can pick them up from the very same place. 

What it ensures further is that no one goes hungry and is forced to beg, thereby protecting their dignity. 

Natun Leikul village in which it is located is so far free of the pandemic. 

India Today adds that till now, things like books, clothes and food are being donated. 

"In the month of May, a particular incident happened as Natun Leikul Youth Club secretary Lalngam Hengna while returning from his farm, brought a whole bunch of bananas and leave it near the village community hall, took a photo of it and shared it in the village WhatsApp group, saying anybody who need can collect them from here free of cost. This gesture was much appreciated and then I thought why don't we start this in a proper way by building a platform or hut where anyone can leave their surplus food, essential commodities, stationary items, books, etc. This suggestion was welcomed by almost everyone and one Lienna Singson of our village volunteered to donate timbers required to build this hut. Some of our friends had also collected funds to start the project," the website quoted Singson, an office-bearer was quoted by the website. 

"Within a week the hut was built. In this pandemic time, if the breadwinner of a family falls sick or couldn't earn to support his family, then he/she is forced to go begging. In order to protect the dignity of our fellow villagers, we thought that this idea will help them," Singson added further.