Bengaluru: If you have a gigantic will, you can surmount any obstacle.

Shooter Shivraj Sankhla is an ace shooter himself. He has won many medals at Paralympic events. Unfortunately, at a young age, he lost his legs. 

However, he did not lose his confidence and allow the hindrance to bog him down. 

He used this adversity as an opportunity to achieve success. 

He says, “When I wanted to walk, I was unable to. But I wanted to fly. I didn’t give up and walked. Now I am 10mm pistol shooter.” 

He has now started his own shooting academy. He says that he does not want any other kid to miss out for want of facilities. 

He adds, “I have only one dream. I want to make my village proud and give it international recognition in shooting.”   

At a young age, he suffered a lot. He had to travel 80 long kilometres to Ajmer for training. He has also won many medals in state and national parachuting competitions. Incidentally, he is also in the top 10 shooters of Indian parachuting team. 

It is people like him who inspire others. In spite of their difficulty, they don’t get discourage. Using that as a trigger, they achieve big in life, becoming a role model for others. 

Hats off to such talents!