Amidst the ever-increasing miseries of the world, there are some people who are torch bearers of humanity. Several notable personalities have recently grabbed the attention for their selfless contribution to mankind and one such Indian woman is Snehal Brahmbhatt. She is the founder of Sneh Shilp Foundation and has been working on several projects of public service in pursuit of giving back to society what she has got over the years. Her foundation has been rendering services with the vision of creating a world where everyone gets what they truly deserve.

Complying with the motto of giving, it has been often noted that the drives conducted by Sneh Shilp Foundation have been specially designed with empathy and care at the core. Owing to the need of the hour, one such program that is dedicated towards saving lives is their own blood donation camps. In times of absolute need, especially during the pandemic outbreak where  blood supply became scarcer than ever, they saved lives with the help of this initiative. Another  project was specially designed to save trees - Project Neenv. The team was reported to have planted sixty-five trees around in a humble attempt of saving Mother nature.

Snehal Brahmbhatt has herself been the designer of all these social awareness programmes and she has also expressed her concern regarding the increasing number of poor and destitute.  She has initiated several programs to take care of these people at old age homes. Clothes drives, grocery distribution, food distribution are some of the initiatives. Old age homes and orphanages are home to so many people who are in dire need and Snehal has expressed how helping people there has brought her closer to humanity. There is another special program initiated by the foundation which is to fight leprosy in Ahmedabad. By donating ration and groceries, the foundation wants to help the leprosy community in Ahmedabad to help them lead a better life.

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