Bengaluru: Pictures of Prime Minister Narendra cleaning up the beach at Mamallapuram during his meet with Chinese president Xi Jinping have gone viral. 
Many across the globe have eulogised Modi for his simplicity. That also included former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda. 

In fact, this is not the first time that the PM has exhibited such altruistic character. We have gleaned at least three incidents in which the PM showed exemplary mannerisms, thereby setting a precedent. 

1.    PM Modi adjusts mike 

In Varanasi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi got up and adjusted a mike when the village headwoman of Jayapur was presenting her speech. Impressed, the audience gave a rousing.  The prime minister paid a visit to Varanasi and adopted the village of Jayapur under the MP Model Village Scheme. 


2.    PM Modi picks up flowers at Houston airport 

Modi was in Texas last month to attend the Howdy Modi event. At the airport, he was received by several officers. One woman officer offered him flowers, which fell on the ground. A watchful Modi immediately bent down and picked the flowers up, thereby impressing several people. 


3.    PM Modi waits for speech to get over 

There is a video on the net in which you can see PM Modi walking to his seat in the Parliament. But as he walks, he realises that Venkaiah Naidu (incumbent vice-president) was in the midst of a speech. So he waits behind him to complete his speech and only then does he walk to his seat. 


The Prime Minister has always belaboured that he is a ‘pradhan sevak’ and not a prime minister. He talks the talk but goes a step ahead to ensure he walks the talk as well. 

Of course, there are some  critics who opine that the PM is camera-hungry all the time, but it is sad they refuse to look at the larger picture of getting a formidable message from his acts.