Bengaluru: The sting #JNUTapes conducted by India Today bears testimony to the fact that you can go any extent to be vindictive and corner your opponents or adversaries, without any basis. 

The time code that appeared on Aaj Tak screens and OpIndia’s investigation into the photo posted by Rahul Kanwal evidently testify and corroborate how shambolic the sting was. 

Well, Rahul Kanwal’s conniver is Rajdeep Sardesai, a recidivist or, in simple terms, a habitual offender. 

While he sits inside AC studios, issuing long lectures and harangues on how Modi and Shah should work towards an inclusive India and allow dissent, you must also not forget how he doesn’t practice even an iota of what he preaches. 

And off the studios as well, he has gotten into terrible fights and jousts, and even fisticuffs! 

It is pertinent to dig into his past and expose on how he, a self-certified champion of freedom of speech, expression and dissent, did not allow others to voice their opinions against him, that too on a foreign land! 

The year was 2014. PM Narendra Modi had been to the US to address a large Indian diaspora at the Madison Square. 

As Modi was supposed to address the gathering, Rajdeep Saredesai was outside the venue, trying to speak to the enthusiastic crowd. As he picked up a cheerful crowd, he began needling them by asking questions in relation to Godhra riots 2002, the issue of US denying visa to Modi inter alia. 

He also went on to give feelers that NRIs would do nothing else but appear before the camera and they not have “class”. 

Rajdeep also went to the extent of calling one NRI as “asshole” and then you know what happened! 

Well, that was in the US. 

There were reports that Rajdeep also got into a fight at a Bengaluru restaurant when he visited the city for the Karnataka Assembly polls coverage.     

And, we are not even talking of the apology he issued in the court for falsely airing stories on an IPS officer in the fake encounter of Sohrabuddin case.