Bengaluru: The Tablighi markaz attendees have spread across the nation, thereby helping the cause of the spread of the coronavirus. 

There are news reports that these attendees were misbehaving with female staff, spat at doctors who went to check them. 

There were also reports that at an Uttar Pradesh hospital, they touched the railings with hands with their saliva to spread the virus. 

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Not just that, there were also reports that some of them defecated in the open with wanton intent to spread the virus. 

Now, adding to that list, there is a fresh report a few Tablighi attendees put up at an apartment at Dwarka, New Delhi, as part of quarantine procedures threw bottles filled with urine. 

Reports add that two such bottles were found behind a building at 6pm last Tuesday. 

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According to the FIR, based on a complaint filed by the Assistant Director of the quarantine facility in Dwarka's Sector 16B, the isolated Jamaat attendees have been accused of throwing the bottles "to spread coronavirus among other people", as reported by NDTV. 

Two days ago, there were also reports of Tablighi attendees defecating in front of a room at a quarantine centre in Narela. 

Economic Times quoted a bite in this regard.

"A sanitation worker and the House Keeping Supervisor reported the incident. The persons residing in the room are the suspects for the act, they did not follow the instructions of the health department and government to prevent the spread of the virus. The men put the life of others at risk by jeopardising the entire containment measure."

News reports that 2 lakh 50 thousand people attended a Tablighi event in Pakistan have surfaced, thereby scuttling the process or curbing the spread of the virus. 

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These Tablighi attendees have contributed significantly to the spread of the virus in India.