Bengaluru: Rahul Gandhi, former AICC chief, has exposed himself myriad times. 

At least, at a time when matters are sensitive, he should have attained the maturity to behave aptly. 

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But he does not learn so. 

As he continues to be namby-pamby and spread lies and misinformation over Galwan clashes, BJP chief JP Nadda has hit back in the most robust manner. 


“A rejected and ejected dynasty is not equal to the entire Opposition. One dynasty’s interests are not India’s interests. Today, the nation is united and supportive of our armed forces. This is the time for unity and solidarity. Relaunch of ‘the scion’ for the nth time can wait,” JP Nadda said. 


However, it should also be noted that JP Nadda gave a lot of importance to the opposition and even accepted that the government must be held accountable and the government did answer questions. 

But he was particularly caustic against the Gandhi family. 

He said, “One family was an exception. Any guesses who?”  

He also said, “Due to the misadventures of one dynasty: We lost thousands of square kilometers of our land. The Siachen glacier was almost gone. And much more. No wonder India has rejected them.” 


Congress had criticised the BJP thus: “India has been hit by a terrible economic crisis, a pandemic of huge proportions and, now, by a full-blown crisis on the borders with China. Much of each crisis is attributable to the mismanagement of the BJP-led NDA Government and the wrong policies pursued by it.”

Well, Rahul Gandhi and many Congressmen have hit out at the government over the Galwan clashes. But Rahul Gandhi’s attitude of questioning the government over unarmed soldiers exhibits his ignorance as it was his own government which had signed an agreement with the China over it. 

Others have also tried linking RSS to the issue, mocking its cadres to go to the borders.