Bengaluru: One might face a lot of difficulties in life, but if one uses them as opportunities, one will certainly earn tremendous returns. 
Ranjith Ramachandran, an IIT professor at Ranchi, is a glowing example. 

In his Facebook post, he writes, “An IIM professor was born here. I attended college during daytime and worked at the telephone exchange at night". 

Ramachandran used to work as a watchman at nights at BSNL in Kasargod. While during mornings, he pursued Economics.

Graduating with honours, he got into IIT, Madras, where he found it difficult to study as he knew only Malayalam. Despondent, he decided to quit the PhD programme, but was persuaded by his guide Dr Subhash not to do so, NDTV notes. 

He earned his doctorate last year and began teaching at Christ University as an assistant professor, Bengaluru. 

"I never thought the post would go viral. I posted my life story, hoping that it would inspire a few others. I want everyone to dream good and fight for their dreams. I want other people to get inspired from this and find success," he added. 

Finance Minister TM Thomas, in his post, praised Ramachandran, saying "From the moment he felt he was defeated, he turned his life and achieved success and it's an inspiration to everyone”.

His post has garnered over 37000 likes and his house also stands testimony to the hardships he faced in his life.