Bengaluru: In what happens to be the world’s biggest crowdfunding project to build Ram temple in Ayodhya, the trust entrusted with the construction has collected a mammoth Rs 2500 crore in a matter of just 45 days. 

It is to be noted that 900,000 Karyakartas divided themselves in 175,000 teams and went door-to-door to collect funds. 

VP Champat Rai of the trust said in relation to the app that was created to facilitate collection, “The app, created by Dhanusha Infotech Company of Hyderabad, did a commendable job as a meticulously-built digital network to act as a digital bridge among the Karyakartas, banks and the trust”. 

He also gave a breakup of the collections.  

He said, “Ram devotees in every nook and corner of the country have made their contributions. From the North-Eastern region of Bharat, the people of Arunachal Pradesh have contributed Rs 45 million, Manipur Rs 20 million, Mizoram Rs 2.1 million, Nagaland Rs 2.8 million, Meghalaya Rs 8.5 million, and from Southern states, the people of Tamil Nadu contributed Rs 850 million, and Kerala Rs 130 million”. 

The fund collection drive began in the month of January for the construction of the temple. 

It was President Ram Nath Kovind who donated a sum of Rs 5 lakh for the same. 

The drive also saw millions of devotees donating their might. It is to be noted that even transgenders contributed their might. 

A Swarajya report added that Rekha Buaji, a transgender from Mewar region donated Rs 5,111,11 for the construction of the holy shrine.

It quoted her as saying: “This is a historic moment and hence people from all sections of the society should connect with each other to contribute to the temple's construction. I pray to God that entire Bharat stands united for the construction. I wish Lord Rama showers his blessings for a prosperous India”.

It was in November 2019 that the Supreme Court of India decreed that the land under litigation belongs to Hindus. The court also asked the government to form a committee to oversee the construction.

It was in August last year, on the first occasion of abrogation of articles 370 and 35A that Prime Minister Narendra Modi performed the   bhumi pujan at Ayodhya.

Presently, the construction is in progress and will take an estimated time period of 36-40 months. The total costs come up to Rs 1100 crore.