New Delhi: After much criticism and feedback, vice president Venkaiah Naidu has declared that he has asked the secretariat to revise the design of uniform of marshals in Rajya Sabha.

Along with former army chief, General VP Malik, MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar too expressed displeasure over the newly designed marshals' uniform.

"I too am more than a little taken aback at this. I will bring this to attention of Honble @VPSecretariat tmrw," tweeted MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar.

After the assuarnce to look into the issue, MP Rajeec Chandrasekhar Tweeted: Thank u @VPSecretariat Venkiahji for responding to our call to relook at the Uniform of RS Marshals.

Former army chief, General VP Malik tweeted: "Copying and wearing of military uniforms by non military personnel is illegal and a security hazard. I hope @VPSecretariat, @RajyaSabha & @rajnathsingh ji will take early action."

The new uniforms were introduced as part of the 250th session of Rajya Sabha. But the new uniforms resembling the uniform of the armed forces infuriated armed forces officers.

The navy-blue uniforms have shoulder insignias, gold buttons and gold aiguillette. The cap was similar to that of the officers of the rank of brigadier and above.

Earlier, a marshal’s uniform was that of a white bandhgala with a safa.

Reportedly, Congress leader Jairam Ramesh had asked Venkaiah Naidu if there was martial law being imposed in the Rajya Sabha after witnessing the marshals in their new uniform.

Marshals are mainly used for ceremonial purpose, but they also do maintain order by removing recalcitrant members, getting and arranging documents. They enter the Rajya Sabha by marching before the entry of the presiding officer.