Mumbai: Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday questioned the Congress party over its UK chapter representatives' meeting with the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

"I got to know about the Overseas Congress delegation meeting Corbyn on the human rights situation in Kashmir. They have not criticised it. I would like to ask Congress -- Do you want to internationalise the issue of Kashmir," said Singh while addressing an election rally.

Continuing to take potshots at the Congress, Singh said, "Chinese President Xi Jinping came to India and held informal summit with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Prime Minister did not discuss Kashmir with him but your leaders are going to England and daring to internationalise our internal matter of Kashmir."
Highlighting the work of Prime Minister Modi, Singh said the perception of the world about India is changing.

"Today, the world acknowledges that India is no longer a weak country. Now, India is not a country that will talk to anyone by standing on their knees. We can now talk to anyone by standing on our own two feet with all our might," he said.

Singh also slammed the comments of opposition leaders over his 'Shastra Puja' during Rafale aircraft's handover ceremony, stating that his actions were endorsed and supported by the people of all communities.

Urging voters to bring the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) back to power in Maharashtra, Singh praised the work of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.

Speaking of Fadnavis, he said: "I had predicted Fadnavis as the future of Maharashtra long ago. For the last five years, the way he has handled his responsibilities, I can say I am proud of him. People of Maharashtra are fortunate to have a Chief Minister against whom nobody can level allegations of corruption."

Singh also lauded various initiatives of the state ent in the areas of sanitation, housing, banking services and providing electricity connections to remote villages.

The voting for the 288-member Assembly will be held on October 21 in a single phase. The counting of votes will take place on October 24.