Wayanad: Congress leader and Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi is in his constituency in Kerala to lend his support to the protesters opposing the night traffic ban on the national highway passing through Bandipur Tiger Reserve. Rahul Gandhi reached Wayanad on October 4, met his party members, who are apparently on a hunger strike.

While addressing the people in Wayanad, he said, “There is no political difference in this issue. It has to resolved in an intelligent way to remove suffering. A compromise can be arrived at and this has been achieved in other parts of the country."

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He added, “There was a point raised that there must not be unfairness as far as Wayanad is concerned and I have spoken to our legal experts to help us through this issue.  We will ensure best legal services of the country are available to the people of Wayanad."

At the end, he said that he stands with the people of Wayanad and he thanked the youngsters for the sacrifice they are making for the sake of “save NH 766".

The Congress leader also said that he has raised this issue in the Parliament. “The CM has committed to me that the government will act in the interest  of Wayanad,” he added.

Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi tweeted, "I am in Wayanad, Kerala to stand in solidarity with the youth who have been on hunger strike, protesting against the travel ban on National Highway 766 that links Kerala & Karnataka. Earlier I visited those who have had to be hospitalised, as a result of the prolonged fast."

Earlier he had said, the nine-hour traffic ban on the national highway passing through the Bandipur reserve was causing hardship to people in Kerala and Karnataka.