New Delhi: In the latest development, four persons which includes three lawyers and a law student have filed a complaint against the indefinite protests staged at Shaheen Bagh to resist the new citizenship law.

The complaint has been lodged with the Delhi Police seeking action against all protestors who by gathering in mass numbers continue to pose an unfathomed danger to the health and life of millions of Indian citizens on account of the coronavirus outbreak.

One of the complainants shared a copy of the complaint on Twitter.


Citing the preventive advisories issued both by the Union Government and NCT Government, the complaint alleges, “an assembly such as Shaheen Bagh has the capacity to unleash a pandemic of unmanageable proportions.”

The complaint also noted that “Under the pretext of the constitutional right to dissent, Shaheen Bagh has emerged as breeding grounds for an insidious campaign to destabilise India’s peace and security.” The complainants have highlighted how the protest at Shaheen Bagh defy fundamental notions of civic obligations saddled on Indian citizens. In the complaint it has been noted, “the constitutional right to protest is not without responsibility. In insisting upon this right, people cannot absolve their civic responsibilities towards the country.”

Meanwhile, a public interest litigation was filed on Thursday and it sought the Supreme Court’s intervention to have all protesters in Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh and elsewhere evicted over the threat of Covid-19. The protesters can return after the pandemic ends, the PIL said.

The PIL filed by advocate Ashutosh Dubey argued that the congregation needed to disperse to prevent community spread of the disease which was a threat to the whole world.

“Several lakhs in Delhi will be at immediate threat as it is very contagious if by any chance this disease takes a shape of community spread i.e. if it reaches to Stage 3 and as such it is very much necessary for immediate intervention,” the PIL was quoted in a Economic Times report.