Bengaluru: The Congress and its allies have consistently opposed the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) saying it is discriminatory as it is based on religions. 

But, way back in 2003, the then leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha, Manmohan Singh, had batted for the same. 

He had said, “After the partition of our country, minorities in countries like Bangladesh have faced persecution, and it is our moral obligation that if circumstances force people, these unfortunate people, to seek refuge in our country, our approach to granting citizenship to these unfortunate persons should be more liberal.”

He had even added, “I sincerely hope that the Deputy Prime Minister (LK Advani) will bear this in mind in charting out the future course of action with regard to the Citizenship Act.”
Now, when the incumbent home minister Amit Shah wants to implement the bill with a view to granting citizenship to non-Muslims, the Congress is creating a hue and cry, saying it is in stark opposition to article 14 of the Indian constitution. 

The CAB proposes an amendment in the definition of illegal migrants, reduction in the number of years of residency period to obtain Indian citizenship through naturalisation and empower the Centre to cancel the registration of Overseas Citizen of India card in case of any violation.

The role of the opposition is to be constructive in a democracy. It is to highlight the drawbacks of the current dispensation with a view to correcting it and restoring righteousness. 

But Congress has been anything else, but that. For a party to have supported the same concept while it was in opposition to oppose it when the Narendra Modi-led government is working sincerely to implement it is rank hypocrisy.