Bengaluru: Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in which thousands have died and a few more thousands continue to suffer as the pandemic spreads its tentacles disdainfully, India’s prime minister has enjoyed phenomenal ratings as regards his popularity. 

In an article published in New York Times, it is acknowledged that recent polls have the prime minister’s approval ratings topping 80 or 90 percent. 

A paragraph in this regard read: “Recent opinion polls show that in the past few months Mr. Modi’s already high approval ratings have soared even higher, touching 80, even 90 percent. Unlike two of the populist leaders to whom he is often compared, President Trump and President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, Mr. Modi seems to be thriving in this crisis.” 

The article further emphasises that Modi might emerge stronger as he deals with the pandemic. 

“The result, some analysts say, is that if India continues to ride out the coronavirus in decent form, he may emerge with an even stronger hand when he and his party press their Hindu-centric policies. Much as the brinkmanship with Pakistan last year helped strengthen his re-election campaign, the deadly pandemic is bringing many Indians to his side despite lingering concerns about his agenda.” 

The article further delineates on how Indian citizenry has trusted PM Modi and looks upon him as a mobiliser and not a despot. 

“Mr. Modi’s success, analysts say, may be more durable. He’s widely seen as a mobilizer, not a despot, which may explain why his nationwide stay-at-home lockdown, which he dropped on the country with four hours’ notice, has been largely obeyed. Even the softer, feel-good exercises he has insisted on, like asking Indians to stand in their doorways and clap at a certain time, or to light candles at another, have been followed by millions.”