Bengaluru: Hatred, rather pathological hatred and abhorrence for PM Narendra Modi and Union home minister Amit Shah has killed a 2-month old infant. 

No, it wasn’t a murder in the literal sense, but surely much worse than that! 

Shaheen Bagh, which happens to be a repository of ill-conceived protests, pumped by sheer jaundiced and prejudiced views against the Citizenship Amendment Act, going for the last several months, has claimed its first victim, not only due to the harshness of the winter months in Delhi, but also due to the flippancy, inimicality of the parents, who are participating in the protests. 

The death of the baby is not just a death of a future responsible human being, but also a death of sane thinking and values. 

A popular website quoted its parents as saying: “We didn’t kill her. She was Allah’s child and she has gone back to Allah. Here even grown-up people are shot at, she was after all a child. She has sacrificed her life.”

Disgusting to say the least! And what propels such reprehensible propensity of the parents is the equally hostile media that fans the embers of Modi hatred. 

As the protests are perennial, a section of the media, in its quest to plunder more views, and also to suit its agenda of pinning down Modi and Hindus every time it gets a chance, is triggering more such behaviour. 

Indeed, the story is far from over. There were unconfirmed videos making the rounds in which children were urging the deaths of Modi and Amit Shah. 

At such a tender age, the minds of these innocent minds are very fragile. They are like magnets which latch on to anything that is made of iron. 

So it becomes all the more imperative that they are not fed hate, anger inter alia. 

After all, you reap what you sow. Better to sow values that will metamorphose them into assets of the country.