Bengaluru: Unfazed and undeterred by his party colleague Pavan Varma’s charges against him, Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar hit back in the most hard manner. 

He said, “This is not the way to express your displeasure... he [Varma] says I told him certain things, should I tell you what he said to me? I respect him... If he wants to go to some other party that is his decision... he has my blessings.”

A few days ago, Pavan Varma had expressed his massive displeasure over Nitish Kumar’s move to align with the BJP for the Delhi polls and his views on the CAA. 

"Nitish Kumar has categorically come out against NRC but hasn't said anything on the NPR, whose dates have been announced by Deputy CM Sushil Modi. Now when CAA came, he said we will discuss, but he hasn't come out categorically against the CAA-NRC combination.”

Pavan Varma also revealed the fact that Nitish Kumar had said he was feeling dangerous about the RSS.

He said, "He once said how BJP is taking the country to dangerous times. When the time came, he went ahead and forged an alliance with the BJP. What kind of double standard is this? Even long-standing alliances like Akali Dal have parted ways with the BJP.”

Pavan Varma had also said that Nitish Kumar has to respect secular values of the country.

"I told Nitish Kumar that in our party constitution, the word secular comes three times. He needs to respect that and especially at a time when the entire country is against the CAA. If the party doesn't stand by the principles of its own party, our position within the party becomes untenable."

With the latest snub by the Bihar chief minister to Pavan Varma, the rift only widens in the JD(U).