Bengaluru: Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar is a very docile personality. He generally keeps to himself. 

But the Delhi elections have brought out the aggression him. All thanks to Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. As the Delhi polls fast approach, Nitish Kumar did not mince words in criticising Arvind Kejriwal for his theatrics and histrionics, as also his hunger for more popularity. 

In an election rally, Nitish Kumar said, "Those who got mandate to govern Delhi did nothing. Some people are more interested in publicity and advertisements. We don't do that."

Let’s accept it. Arvind Kejriwal is no saint. He too, like any other politician, is of the same feather. Though he shot to prominence as an anti-corruption crusader, he slowly but surely squatted into the region of politics and then, began to show his true colours. 

An ADR report indicted for having fielded the most number of candidates with criminal cases in these elections. 

As per the report and as quoted by a popular website, a total of 672 candidates have filed their nomination for the Delhi elections to be held on February 8. The report surveyed all candidates across different party lines and found that roughly 20% of them (133 candidates) have criminal cases against them, with the percentage of candidates facing serious cases is 15%.

The website added that, AAP tops the list with 42 out of 70 candidates, bringing its tally to 60. 

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Interestingly, it has been found out that Arvind Kejriwal has not fulfilled 75% of the poll promises he had made. 

One look at the political modus operandi of Arvind Kejriwal reveals how he resorts to appeasement politics. 

Just a few months ago, he brought into force a scheme that offers free rides to women on Delhi buses. Though he wants to offer the same on metros, the centre has not given its approval, as the women of Delhi need no free rides, but security and protection. 

And we will not tell you that Kejriwal is yet to give prosecution sanction for Kanhaiya kumar in his infamous JNU sedition row.