Bengaluru: After as many as three postponements and making use of the jiggery-pokery in the law to the fullest extent, the Nirbhaya convicts will be hanged on March 20, at 5: 30 am. 

Though a Delhi court announced the fresh execution date, AP Singh, the counsel for the convicts termed it “judicial killings” as he believes the convicts still have a legal tool to exercise. 

However, Nirbhaya’s mother Asha Devi, who hopes that there would be no more postponements, feels that the top court should issue guidelines on such issues. 

She said, “As the execution date of my daughter's rapists was postponed, again and again, people began losing trust in our judicial system.”

She hoped that the convicts would be hanged on the mentioned date: "Death warrant has been issued as they ran out of legal remedies. The mercy petition of all four of them was rejected. Finally, today, the fourth death warrant was issued. I hope this date is the final one and they should be hanged on the same date and justice be given to Nirbhaya."

She further added, “If SC issues guidelines to try rape cases, it would help families of victims get timely justice, and reinforce their faith in the judicial system.” 

The mother also displayed perseverance in taking on the fight further. 

She said, "Their effort is to make sure that death warrant is not issued and delay the date of hanging. Everything has an end. Until and unless they are hanged, we are prepared to fight at any moment.

I will consider that I have won on the day they are hanged."

Her daughter Nirbhaya was gangraped by six men on a moving bus in Delhi way back in 2012. Of the six men, one man was let off after he served his sentence in a juvenile home as he was a minor at the time of committing the offence. 

Of the remaining five, one committed suicide while the remaining four were tried as per law.