Bengaluru: Day by day, as anti-BJP parties continue to issue diatribes against PM Modi and his government’s move to enact the CAA, political discourse is falling to a new low. 

You would have heard many an expletive or abuse against Modi. Now, here is one more example of elitist attitude exhibited by NCP’s Rajya Sabha MP Husain Dalwai. 

He even went to call term Yogi Adityanath a “mosquito”. 

“Lies and hatred are morals imparted at the RSS Shakhas. Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Nehru created this country with great efforts. PM Modi and Amit Shah are nothing in front of them. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is a mosquito. What are you asking us the proof for? This is not your father’s country. The people who have voted you to power will one day dislodge you from the (sic) power. So do not have too much fun.”

Also he issued a shocker saying demand for a separate Pakistan came after a demand for Hindu rashtra. 

“The demand to have a separate nation for Muslims-Pakistan came forward after the demand for a Hindu Rashtra. I do not support Pakistan. The BJP’s ideology, right from the start, is to establish a Hindu Nation. Only three per cent of the country want a Hindu Nation. They want to transform this country into a Hindu Nation for merely 3 per cent of the population,” Dalwi added.
Though the CAA doesn’t affect any Indian citizen, he manipulated his thoughts by questioning if Muslims and Christians should be drowned at sea. 

Dalwi further added, “Should the Muslims, Christians be drowned in the sea? After sending us to Pakistan, where would you go? Nehru, Indira Gandhi went back on their decisions for the welfare of the people but PM Modi and Amit Shah said that they won’t move back even an inch. The anti-CAA protests took place across the country but we did not pick up a single stone because we believe in the ideals propounded by Mahatma Gandhi, Maulana Azad. People have shown faith in your government, not in the RSS. Don’t have much fun, the people have the potential of deposing you from the office.”