Bengaluru: The attack on Nankana Sahib gurdwara which is the holy shrine of Sikhs in Pakistan is only the latest episode of intolerance and vandalism exhibited by Muslim fundamentalists.

There were reports that the thuggery was unleashed over police brutality in connexion with the forceful conversion of a Sikh girl. The reports also added that the zealots threatened to fell the gurdwara and erect a mosque on the same site.

What’s pleasantly surprising is that outright condemnations were issued by the pseudo gang. Javed Akhtar, the noted lyricist and Swara Bhaskar, a sworn critic of Narendra Modi vented out their anger on the social media.



However, irrespective of these condemnations, many of these left-leaning, so-called intellectuals conveniently forget that such incidents of attacking holy shrines of the minority communities in Pakistan is a further assertion that the Citizenship Amendment Act is a godsend to protect non-Muslim persecuted minorities who have come running to India seeking shelter. 


Union minister Hardeep Singh Puri also openly expressed his support for the CAA keeping these attacks in mind.

The attack on the gurdwara is only a synecdoche of the rampant inhumane persecution meted out to non-Muslims in Pakistan.

Some Hindu refuges who have fled to India and continue to stay here without any fear stress the fact that their lands were usurped, they were disenfranchised, they faced extortion and their girls were raped and forcefully converted to Islam.

India, a land which accepts all religions as true, and doesn’t interfere in the beliefs of people is the perfect place where millions of people, professing myriad faiths, religions and following multiple traditions and cultures.

CAA, as reiterated by the Prime Minister and the Union home minister is not an act to discriminate and isolate, but a one-time offer for persecuted minorities in the neighbouring country to integrate wholly with India on an emotional and social basis.