Rising with great enthusiasm and then breaking down after a couple of failures is a story of platitude. Or do you belong to that niche who have exceptionally high dedication toward their dreams? Well, if you are, then you and Mohammad Nasir Ansari are on the same page. This man is someone who still wants to achieve all of his dreams irrespective of multiple blunders. Md. Nasir is an inspiration, and how?

Being the son of a rickshaw puller where the daily wages revolved only around two digits (Rs. 30-40), it was challenging for Nasir to collect his courage and achieve the success that he has today. But one thing that we have learned after knowing his entire journey is that "we shouldn't give up on our dreams."  

Remember when Md. Nasir started with trading? He zeroed his capital at least ten times. That is devastating, isn't it? But Nasir is of a different mind. He fought back and kept forging ahead with the same level of dedication. It's Nasir's persistence and perseverance that brought the best from him as a trader. And finally, there came an opportunity when he earned a profit of crores.

Here are a few words from Md. Nasir when he talked about being determined and staunch. He says, "It's a hard thing to understand, but it's the only way we can succeed in our goals. It doesn't matter how many failures we face; we have to keep fighting. Why? Because even if we have hundreds of reasons to give up, there is always one reason. And that one reason is knowing that you are in the right place at the right time and you are going to make your dreams come true."

Md. Nasir also considers his parents as his motivation for his reason to not give up. Today, this young trader not only earns profit for himself but also tutors others and navigates their ways to being excellent traders, self-employed millionaires, and successful humans.

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