Bengaluru: Prashant Bhushan, who levels massive allegations and abuses against the judiciary masquerading as an intellectual, was convicted by the Supreme Court for his comments on the top judiciary. Presently, the court has reserved its verdict regarding his punishment. 

There is another individual that can’t be missed. He is Rahul Gandhi, who keeps harping on things but fails to provide evidence. In short, he is a shooting and scooting star. He has also been castigated by the Supreme Court, for spreading lies. He has even tendered an unconditional apology. 
These two individuals go to any lengths to abuse and issue calumnies against an elected government of India. 

Now, as Prashant Bhushan faces the risk of being incarcerated, a Pakistan newspaper – Dawn – has come with a preposterous idea. 

It wants Bhushan to join hands with Rahul Gandhi! 


The newspaper notes: 

“Prashant Bhushan knows he cannot fight the fight alone. Who then could be his allies to cover the flanks? Theoretically, Prashant represents every earnest politician’s dream by speaking for the common man and against the most powerful. He has targeted corruption during the Congress party rule as forcefully as he has probed shady deals during the Modi era.

How and what does Rahul Gandhi bring to the political field to complement Prashant Bhushan’s fight? The young Gandhi knows that he is maligned by opponents as a Johnny-come-lately. He is called names by the prime minister and at his behest by the media. The prime minister has sworn to evict the Congress party from India’s political arena.” 

We certainly can’t stop laughing at this concoction. 

It is no secret that Rahul’s statements against PM Modi have been used by Pakistan a number of times to point fingers back at India. 

And the article also makes a reference to Arundhati Roy who was jailed for contempt of court as she too refused to seek apology. 
If one goes through the article, one can also find how it makes a reference to the Rafale deal. 

Though Rahul continues to blurt out inanities, the top court has given a clean chit to Modi government on Rafale deal. Moreover, Rahul’s tomfoolery has cost the party dearly and his own party members find him to be an embarrassment. 

Lastly, the article has no bearing not respect because India is a democracy in which everyone is elected by its people. 

These hit-and-run activists which Dawn eulogises, don’t have the courage to speak the truth nor accept their follies.