Bengaluru: While as many as four airlines suspend rowdyism-exhibiting comedian Kunal Kamra on IndiGo flight and then again, on GoAir against journalist Arnab Goswami, here’s a tweet in which a lady takes him on for his targeting of Hindus. 


The lady in the video dares a sheepish Kunal Kamra to take on the Muslim community if has guts to do it. She also tells him that he would be taught a befitting lesson if he did have the courage to comment on Muslim community. 

As the brave lady gives him a piece of his mind, a namby-pamby Kunal Kamra is seen fiddling with phone, clearly unable to take up the challenge thrown by the lady. 

Back to the issue of Kamra heckling Arnab: The video clip in which Kamra is seen troubling Arnab shows him pestering the journalist. But a phlegmatic Arnab is seen holding his composure and watching a movie in spite of repeated provocations. 

Later when Arnab deboarded, he quickly exited the airport. While the whole world condemned the incident, the Congress and its coterie decided to throw their weight behind the comedian, with some even saying that Arnab deserves such things. 

What’s shocking is that Kamra relapsed into his crime today too, when he tried to establish contact with Arnab Goswami. But this time, he had mellowed down, understanding the gravity of the earlier crime. 

However, in spite of the Congress and his coterie extending their support, sources have pointed out that such misdemeanour in other countries like America would attract harsher punishments and penalisation.