Bengaluru: Theatrics, histrionics and razzamatazz! 

One name that comes to mind when we hear these words is none other than Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. 

As the news that Kapil Gujjar, the accused in Shaheen Bagh shooting incident belongs to AAP spread like wildfire, Kejriwal was forced to react on the matter. 

He said, "If punishment for such crimes is 10 years' jail then give the Shaheen Bagh shooter 20 years if he is an AAP member."

However, even though Kejriwal urged double punishment, he is absolutely aware that the law of the land doesn’t go by the whims and fancies or the pulse and impulse of the Delhi CM, but by facts and figures and strictly by the rulebook. 

Having said that, why does Kejriwal make such statements even though he knows his quixotic requests won’t be honoured?

Well, that is simply because he wants to fool the public! 

If Kejriwal were so hell-bent on taking punitive action against any accused, he should have given the sanction to prosecute Kanhaiya Kumar in the infamous JNU sedition case. 

Even though the court is waiting for government clearance, Kejriwal chooses to sit on the file, for reasons which are evident to all of us.

“He is trying to cover up his tracks linked to Shaheen Bagh. He is yet to give sanction for Kanhaiya Kumar to be prosecuted. For AAP, there is no difference between sedition and non-sedition cases.He is only trying to fool the public,” says Shreenath Sheshadri, a BJP spokesperson. 

It is surely not just about Shaheen Bagh, Kejriwal has metamorphosed into a shrewd and astute politician from his days of an activist. 

What gives fillip to this thought is how he has meticulously kept himself aloof from visiting hotbeds of anti-CAA or NPR or NCC protests like JNU and Shaheen Bagh. 

He is mature enough to understand that he would be earning the wrath of many who oppose such anti-CAA protests. Hence the distance. 

Ultimately, he only stands to expose himself!