Bengaluru: The 21-day lockdown has made life hellish for millions of people. They are forced to stay indoors and endure hardships. 

Others - poor labourers and workers – are finding it hard to piece together a meal. 

At a crucial time like this, people’s representatives should be in their constituency and help the people. 

But a video has emerged in which JD(S) leader and MLA of Gubbi, Karnataka SR Srinivas is seen following his grandson on the roads. 

The leader follows his grandson who is in a remote-controlled car. 

And this took place bang in front of the SP office, Tumakuru. 


The Prime Minister, with folded hands, asked the people of the country to stay indoors for a period of 21 days in order to curb and curtail the spread of the virus. 

If he were a common man, he could have been advised. But an elected representative behaving in such a manner is irresponsibility at its worst. 

In fact, as a responsible citizen, he should have been educating his people to stay indoors and follow the protocol. 

He should have been running around arranging provisions and other necessary items for the people. But his behaviour smacks of arrogance. 

Arivalagan, a JD(S) spokesperson himself condemned the incident. 

He said, “During this pandemic which has taken place worldwide, he should not have done it. He is one the senior most leaders and a 4 -time elected MLA. He should have greater responsibility during this stage. His act is entirely condemnable. There is no question of supporting him. Whoever it may be, when it concerns our health, they should not be doing like this. He should have greater responsibility, especially, being an MLA.”  

At the time of writing this article, the number of deaths in India owing to the coronavirus stood at 21 while the number of affected people stands at 921.