Vicky Mandal is high and fast growing. He has grown into one of the top digital content creators with almost million followers on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. He has been in talks among people and his popularity is increasing day-by-day.

Vicky Mandal was born on 6 June,1999 at a town named Vidyasagar, Jharkhand. His parents Mr. Subhash Mandal and Mrs. Anita devi says “We are extremely proud of Vicky for the success he has achieved on his own. He has always listened to his heart and possess that strength to face the highs and lows in life bravely. We are looking forward to see the man he is evolving into.”

Vicky Mandal is a burning sensation on Social media. His videos are so entertaining that he gets thousands and millions of likes, shares and comments on them. Seeing someone with no background support achieving heights is so satisfying. He is an artist, model, influencer, blogger and what not. Indeed, there are multiple digital content creators today which are doing great job with their works but the ones who give some useful insights along with entertainment are surely very less. The comments that he gets on his videos shows how much people enjoy his content and his acting skills.

Vicky has this love for acting since his early years of life. He performed in various school level cultural events and theatre plays. His teachers as well as peers loved his acting skills which motivated him and gave him this confidence of choosing this as his career. Vicky is a young lad and giving tough competition to his competitors by being the best. When people of his age are busy in playing video games and stuff, Vicky is working hard day and night to make his dreams come true.

Vicky spends his time honning his acting skills and believes his biggest competitor is he himself. Vicky is unstoppable and has big plans for the future as well. Having said that, Vicky’s future looks super bright and we wish him all the good luck for future endeavours.