Bengaluru: Disability is not of the body, but of the mind. 

This story of dwarfs with motor disability who got wedded will bring tears to your eyes as well as reassure you that the world still has souls not bereft of compassion.
Bhairappa and Roopa, who work in Mitti Café, suffer from the above-mentioned disability. In spite of the harshness of their problem, the two tied the knot a few days ago. 

Unfortunately, Bhairappa was mocked for his disability. He says, “It was impossible even to find employment. In my village, I was taunted that I could only eat but couldn’t work. That is when I decided to leave and create my own destiny,” as quoted by Times of India. 


The website further added founder and CEO of Mitti Café Alina Alam as saying, “Once Bhairappa told me that someone told him that he’d never get married and that broke my heart. Thankfully, Roopa soon walked into his life”.

Bhairappa had attended several job fairs, but had not found any success. 

At the same time, just like every cloud has a silver lining, Roopa walked into his life. 

He adds, “It was love at first sight. I saw that she was kind-hearted and caring. The next day, I contacted her through one of our common friends.” 

Roopa, who was initially skeptical later understood he too was a kind-hearted man. 

“I refused the first two times. But I knew he was a nice and caring person,” the website quotes her as saying. 

As days progressed, love blossomed and the two decided to become partners for life. 
“Amid the uncertainty, Bhairappa and Roopa were in the forefront of our ‘karuna meals’ initiative, where the Mitti Café team reached out to the underprivileged and migrants stranded because of the lockdown,” explains Alina.

It is heartening to note that the two have got a helping hand by many people. In spite of their adversities, they have decided to move on in life. 

That’s very praiseworthy!